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Base 16: The dangers of the tongue and rebellion

Base 16: The dangers of the tongue and rebellion

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Base 16, NII, The Dangers of the Tongue and the Rebellion




Study Num. 7


Numbers 16:1-11, 32

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Introduction: We want that those who attend the cell be careful of slander and coarseness, and talk with arrogance towards what God has established.  Rebellion is strongly punished by God.  Through the whole Bible we see God eliminating the rebels for their sin in order to save others from contamination. In Korah’s sons’ case, we will learn to be careful and to be meek and humble of heart as Jesus, and as Moses, servant of the Lord.  There is no place in the kingdom of God or in Heaven for the rebels and the arrogant.  The Lord’s heart does not open to this kind of person who rise up against what He established and who do not believe in obedience or do not follow His commandments. The motivation of the men’s heart will dictate his steps.  Let’s be humble always!


I – We see in Korah the coarseness of the nation that God calls.   It is unbelievable that those who were called do that, but even dealing with God some still do it. This is the consequence of not being humble before God and far from it before men, who God places to guide us.:


1)      Korah’s acts and of those who rebelled with him, showed what they had in their hearts.  Our acts, definitely, reveal what we have inside.

2)      Look Out!  “TO BE GREAT” is a thing that takes hold of a person and there is no one that could end it or destroy it.  That desire to be greater than any one is destructive.  Korah fell in that evil.  He was not little; he was great within his people, since he was a prince from Levi’s tribe, separated by God to serve in the Tabernacle.  Numbers 16:9, 10 But, he wanted to BE GREATER!  He did not comply with what he was and with what God had given him.  He wanted what Aaron had, the High Priest, and what Moses had, his superior.  And this mistaken and rebel ambition took him to destruction!


II – The rebellion is planned.  Korah conquered the ear of some in the congregation:


1)      Absalom, King David’s son, did this same act of involving others, when he wanted to take over his own father’s kingdom.  2 Samuel 15:2-6 And because they want what does not belong to them, they presented themselves as friends and redeemers of the nation to gain popularity and then use them for their purposes of taking down leaders that God placed.  Anyway, they are quarreling against the Lord.

2)      There is nothing from God that could be given to someone if it does not come from God Himself.  Therefore, we have to love, enjoy, work, fight and desire for what is ours.  Each one WITH YOUR OWN!  Galatians 6:4, 5

3)      The princes who were renowned men rose up with Korah.  Because they were important people, they felt they had rights they did not have.  Where did such slowness come in Korah and the others?

4)      They dared to challenge Moses, who God called from within the bush.  Exodus 3:4, 10 They said to him:  “You have gone too far!  As if they were saying:  “We don’t want you to command us any more, now we are going to rule ourselves.”  Are they suitable for that?




III – What was in Korah and the rebels that joined him, to make them suitable to lead?:


1)       They had all the OPPOSITE qualities of a leader. They had PRIDE, REBELLION, HATRED, CONTEST, DIVISION AND ARROGANCE.  Do you think those are good qualities for a servant?  Do you know people like that who want to lead God’s people?  They could never!

2)       Moses and Aaron had the appropriate qualities to be in charge of the nation, that’s why God called them to lead His people of Israel.  Numbers 12:3, Hebrews 3:1, 1, Hebrews 11:24, 25

3)       The spirit manifested in Korah showed completely that he WAS NOT WORTHY OF ANY SPIRITUAL JOB.  2 Timothy 2:19, Titus 1:7-9


IV – When it is time to prove their sanctity and confront them with the truth, they flee:


1)       When Moses summoned two of the rebels to confront them, Dathan and Abiram, they did not come. Numbers 16:12 That is a quality of grumblers.  They do not know peace, love and confraternity.  Moses tested their sanctity giving to each one of them censers, which were only to be used by the priests, and the Lord burned them with fire from heaven.  Numbers 16:35

2)       And as Moses said, God made that the ground under them split apart and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them, with their households and all Korah’s men and all their possessions.  Numbers 16: 28-33 These people had their things but they did not love them.  They wanted what Moses and Aaron had.  So we must be careful of our eyes and our heart.  Let us be meek and humble and know how to bow our heads to God.  We must not allow being tempted; we must win against evil with good!

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