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Base 18: Deepening in the Holy Scriptures (A)

Base 18: Deepening in the Holy Scriptures (A)

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Base 18, NII, Deepening in the Holy Scriptures A




Study Num. 9


Psalm 119:105

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Introduction: We want that those who attend the cell read the Scriptures, which are God’s mind.  The treasures of His wisdom are in it, His promises of salvation and His commandments for His children.  Why wouldn’t we recognize the Word of God as our guide to consider each step we take in our lives?  Christ said that we will be judge by His Word.  John 12:48 Isn’t it better that you know it all and obey it, before you perish for lack of knowledge of it?  Do not walk in darkness…The Word is your lamp!


I – When we don’t read the Word is when we don’t know how to walk, how to answer, how to act, or how to move in this life.  It is when we don’t have LIGHT:


1)      In the Word of God is the LIGHT for everything we do.  Love it and you will be a triumphant.

2) That’s why the psalmist says:  “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”

3)      Each one of us has to use the Word in a PERSONAL MANNER.  Not only to hear it in preaching or in the cell, but ALSO IN YOUR DAILY LIVING.  It is your lamp and your light.  It guides you to PUT YOUR FEET SAFE.  It lights up your way so you can not trip over or go astray.

4)      This path is difficult and sometimes you don’t know where

you are going to walk.  Therefore, to know God’s will, to know the task that has to be done and how to make the correct decisions… it is well said in the Word!


II – In occasions, there are people that have taken the Word to CONTEND, some to MAKE PROFIT to their human intellect and to BOAST themselves; others to make FALSE DOCTRINES, etc.:


1)      Some people have used it to discharge THEIR HATRED against others, because they see it only as words not with the Holy Spirit.  If you take the Word with the right motivation, to light up your feet, it will help you to get where you have to go.  Isn’t your path long and sometimes dark?  It will light up your feet.

2)      The psalmist talks symbolically of a small oil lamp that glows and lights up only your feet, keeping you from the mud and all danger.  A small lamp that you have to keep away from the wind and the rain.


III – Proverbs 6:23 says that THESE COMMANDS ARE A LAMP, this teaching is a LIGHT:


1)      That’s the nature of God’s Word, is LAMP AND IS LIGHT.  The Word shows very clearly WHO IS GOD AND ALL THE RESPECT HE IS WORTHY OF.   Many talk without knowing the Word, that’s why they compare God with Allah; they call Him “Daddy”, “Jesusito”, etc.  Let’s place God in High Honor and in a unique place.

2)      The Word talks about OUR SPIRITUAL CONDITION.  It tells us what is good and what is wrong.  It shows us as we really are.  Hebrews 4:12, 13 If we would not have the Word, we would not know God and His character, and we would not know ourselves and our internal and external condition.

3)      The commandment is a lamp that lights us and burns WITH THE OIL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

4)      The more you know from the Word the more LIGHT OF HIS TEACHINGS YOU’LL HAVE.  And the Devil could deceive you less.  You will walk with security, confidence and peace of GOD.

5)      The more reprimands you receive from the Word the more you’ll walk where you should and you’ll be less confused.


IV – According to John 17:17 the Word TAKES US TO SANCTITY:


1)       The commandments are an essential part of the Word.  For example, Galatians 5:22. The fruits of the Spirit that abide in us are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

2)       And Galatians 5:19, 20 shows us what God condemns and disapproves:  sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like.  Isn’t the Word clear?  Fulfill these commandments.

3)       When you learn the Word, it is LIGHT TO CHOOSE HOLINESS.  We are sanctified by the Word.  But, How about if you don’t know it and you are far away from its holiness?  Let’s have good works in you today.

4)       God’s desire is that we have lot of light OF HIS WORD so we can shine more than anyone and that we also teach others.  Romans 10:17, 18; Revelation 22:10, 11, 18, 19







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