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Base 07: How to testify about Jesus

Base 07: How to testify about Jesus

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Base 7, NI, How to Testify about Jesus




Study Num. 7


Memorize:  Matthew 4:19 “”Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”


Name:  ________________________________________________

Date:  _________________________________________________


Introduction: Imagine that a few weeks ago you met with a friend who was very sick in the street.  He looked so bad, that you were sure you would never see him alive again.  But today you see him again and he is completely alive and well.  Then he tells you that he knew an excellent doctor that returned him his health.  But your friend does not want to give anyone the doctor’s name and address.

“But, why not?”, you would say.  “You should recommend Him to everyone”.

Then, think, how many are healed in their souls, are healed spiritually by the Lord and they never tell anyone that they were healed, or who healed them?  That’s why, we have to testify.  Give testimony or to testify means tell others what Jesus has done in us.  In this study you will learn to testify and recommend the Lord Jesus to others who do not know Him and still live in emptiness and great spiritual risk.


1.      After Jesus healed the man possessed by demons from Gadarenes, He gave him a specific commandment.  According

to Jesus, what should a witness of His do?  (Luke 8:39)



2.      St. John’s gospel has much to say about how to talk about

Jesus to others:

a.       According to John 3:32, to testify is (put an X in front of the correct answer):

_____Talk about what others have told us is the truth.

_____Tell what we hear about other people.

_____Talk about what we have experienced by


b.      What did Andrew do in John 1:40-42?



c.       The Lord Jesus prayed to the Father for others who

would believe in Him.  What did Jesus’ disciples have to do to make those others to believe?  John 17:20



d.      In John 15:16, what work does Jesus say we have to

do?  _______________________________________



3.      What is the greatest thing that has ever happened in your life?



4.      Then, which is the most significant work of love that you can

give to another person?  ______________________________



5. What does Jesus ordain to us, His followers, in Matthew

28:18-20?  ________________________________________



6.      What is the condition of those who still have not believed in the name of Jesus Christ, the one and only Son of God?  (John 3:18)  _______________________________________



7.      If I am faithful to Jesus Christ, He promises to __________________________________________________

(Matthew 4:19).


8.      According to the apostle Peter in 1 Peter 3:15, I can prepare to testify about Jesus by ______________________________



9.      Where would the apostle Paul go to have the opportunity to testify about Jesus?  (Acts 20:20) ______________________



10. Why should our testimony be focused on Jesus Christ?  (John 14:6)  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________


11. As witnesses of Jesus Christ, and with the help of the following four verses, which should be our message to those who do not know Him yet?  (Romans 6:23)  _____________



Romans 3:23 ______________________________________




Isaiah 53:6:  “We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of

us has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid on

him the iniquity of us all.”



John 1:12 _____________________


12.  After a person has accepted Jesus Christ, what is our responsibility towards that person?  (Acts 14: 21-22)



13.  A clear and effective testimony about Lord Jesus could be constituted of three parts at least:

a.       what I was before I met the Lord

b.      how did I arrive to the Lord

c.       what I am now that I am in His path


Basing in these three points, write a brief testimony that you

would share with a friend:







14.  Write a list of people close to you that need Jesus as their Savior.  Pray for them and find the proper time to give them your personal testimony and guide them to have the experience to be born again in Christ.  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Even if you are very anxious to testify about Jesus, perhaps you are a little scared.  Review the study no. 3, where we studied about the power of the Holy Spirit to be effective witnesses of Lord Jesus.  Your leader in Mega Zoé will help you with this and joining with your brothers you will gain others for Christ.


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