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Class #040: God introduces himself to Moses

Class #040: God introduces himself to Moses

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Dios_se_da_Conocer (Dibujos)

Children Ministries
Mega Zoe Christian Church
Theme: God introduces himself to Moses

I Objectives:
For the children to learn that:
1st) God is greater than our biggest difficulties.
2nd) That we serve God who is great and almighty.

II Biblical Lecture (The teacher should study to prepare the class.)
Exodus 6 y 7:1-7

III Verse to remember:
Psalm 145:3

IV Review the last class.

The Pharaoh had increased the Israelite’s labor. They have been variegated and mistreated as never before (# 155). By consequence, the people rose against Moses, blaming him for all their sufferings. Moses decides to go before God for the people’s complaining.
Moses is before the presence of God and he said to the Lord: “O Lord, why have you brought trouble upon this people? Is this why you sent me?”
Moses accused God, since he went to talk to the Pharaoh in His name and the people were more troubled and God had not delivered them.
The opposition among the people was more difficult than the persecution from outside.
The opposition towards Moses was such (Moses was only obeying God’s voice), that he dared to talk to God in this way. (Exodus 5:22-23).
God, in His great mercy and infinite love answered to him: “I am the LORD”.
God showed to him that He is God Almighty, the One who keeps the covenant, Jehovah.
God reveals himself to Moses with his personal name, Jehovah.
Formerly, He has revealed himself to the patriarchs as the “Shaddai” (God Almighty) but to Moses as Jehovah.
He was going to manifest with power to rescue His people.
He did not manifest to the patriarchs with such power because there was not a Pharaoh by that time, an empire as big as the one Moses had to confront now.
It had been 400 years that God had made a pact with Abraham, for this coming day, which God was going to take them to the Promised Land.
God had heard His people’s lament and it was enough. He remembered His pact with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
God will take them as His people and would take them to the Promised Land.
The people were anguished of spirit and because of the servitude they did not hear Moses (God’s message).
Jehovah says to Moses to go before the Pharaoh and tell him to let His people go.
And Moses answered to God: “Behold, the children of Israel have not hearkened unto me; how then shall Pharaoh hear me?”
Then Jehovah makes Moses remember that He is the Lord, greater than anyone.
Moses still repeating to God: I am of uncircumcised lips, how should the Pharaoh hear me?
God told him that He would give him power to confront the Pharaoh and that Aaron would be his prophet. (Exodus 7:1)
God explains to Moses everything He would do, He would harden Pharaoh’s heart, and He would multiply His signs and wonders.
And even when the Pharaoh would not hear, He would save His people with His powerful hand and great judgments for Egypt.
The Egyptians would know the God of Israel.
Moses was 80 years old and Aaron was 83 when they began to see the Glory of God.

V Suggested activity: Color a class drawing.


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