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Class A – Salvation Plan – Jesus our Savior

Class A – Salvation Plan – Jesus our Savior

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Class A

 Children Ministry

Mega Zoe Christian Church
Theme: Salvation Plan – Jesus our Savior.
I Objectives:
 For the children to learn that:
1st) They are sinners.
2nd) Sin keeps us away from God, it is a spiritual death.
3rd) God sent His only Son to die for all mankind.
4th) God has gifts for us. (Salvation; forgiveness of our sins and eternal life.)
5th) Children should accept Jesus as their only savior.
II Biblical Lecture (The teacher must study to prepare the class)
 John 3:16 / Romans 5:8 / 1 John 1:7 / Romans 3:23 / Romans 6:23 / Revelations 3:20 / John 1:12
III Verse to remember:
 John 3:16
IV Presentation to the class
 Who are we?
1st) Leader’s name, Church’s name and Shepherdess’ name.
2nd) Church’s location.
3rd) Purpose to reach the children group. Why are you here?
V Class development:
 You know what? Today I will introduce you a very special friend.
 Do you want to know His name? (The teacher must make the question enthusiastically to awake the children’s interest to know this special friend.)
 His name is JESUS, THE SON OF GOD. (Pronounce this sentence very tenderly.)
 Do you know Him? Have you heard about Him?
 I will tell you how He became my friend.
 (Narration – The teacher must dramatize the story.) One day I was very sad, alone, lost and was always very mad. My heart was full of sin. (The teacher will stick to his chest the drawing of the stained heart.)
 Do you know what sin is? Sin is all that is evil, what separates us from God, which He dislikes.
 For example, sin is:
1º) Stealing
2º) Killing
3º) Cursing
4º) Disobeying
5º) Lying
6º) Using drugs
7º) Fighting
8º) Hating
9º) Mockery
10º) Dirty thoughts or bad things
 All these things soil our heart and make God sad. We must not make God sad.
 God was who created me and He has perfect plans for me. He made this earth so we can enjoy all the beauty in it.
 Besides He made a special place named Heaven where He lives. And His plans have always been for us to live in Heaven with Him. But only those who have a clean and pure heart will get there.
 God in His eternal love for us, because He does not want anybody to be lost, He sent His only begotten son to die in the cross for all of us, and to die for me. (visual Jesus in the cross) Romans 5:8
 He went to the cross for love and obedience. He carried in Him all our sins, our illnesses, and all the evil in us.
 Jesus was beaten, injured, spitted on, whipped and punished for all our sins. He took our punishment voluntarily because He loves us, so we can have peace.
 He did all these so we can:
1º) laugh
2º) sleep
3º) LIVE!!!
4th) So we can rejoice and be happy.
 His shed BLOOD is the only thing that can clean our hearts full of sin and it is the only thing that can clean my heart.(1 Juan 1:7)
 As this sinner heart (point the stained heart drawing), there are many hearts that make God sad.
 Everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. (Romans 3:23)  We are sinners; and if we continue to be sinners we could not enjoy the salvation and blessings that God has for us.
 If we die being sinners, we could not get to the place that God has prepared for those with a clean heart. It’s a paradise, a beautiful place, heaven. (Heaven visual) (Romans 6:23)
 If you die right now, will you go to heaven?
 If my heart is unclean, if I am in sin, I will not go to heaven. There is only one way I could clean my heart. (refer to the stained heart). Which way? (Answer – through Jesus’ blood.)
 You know what? Jesus is here right now. We cannot see Him with our eyes, but we can feel Him.
 He is touching your hearts today, to bring forgiveness to your sins. (Revelations 3:20) (Visual – Jesus touching the heart)
 There are two things you can do:
 Open your heart to Jesus so He can enter, forgive your sins, clean your heart and you can enjoy eternal life and all His blessings.
 Or IGNORE Jesus’ calling; you would continue with your unclean heart and you would be separated from God for ever. That would be very sad!
 I decided to open my heart to Jesus, so He can clean me and that He will live in me forever. (Visual – Jesus in clean heart). Now my name is written in the Book of Life.
 I am not that sad person any more, or mad, now Jesus is with me always; I have happiness, joy, and peace. I am called a son of God. (John 1:12) I am sure that if I die right this minute or Jesus comes to look for me, I will go to heaven with Him.
VI Calling
 How many of you think that your heart is full of sin and do not please God?
 Remember that Jesus is knocking at your heart’s door. He died for you, because He loves you; He does not want you to be lost, He does not want you to be destroyed.
 Do you want to receive Jesus in your heart as your only Savior?
VII Prayer of Repentance – When you pray you talk to God, so you have to be reverent.
 The teacher would pray first (the children should be silent), presenting them to God and finishing the prayer with the children repeating the prayer of repentance.
 Prayer example:
Jesus, today I know that I am a sinner and that you died for me in the cross. I invite you to enter my heart. Forgive me and clean me for all my sins. I accept you as my only Savior. Thank you, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
 Reminder
VIII The teacher must emphasize that this prayer is a pact with God. IT IS NOT something insignificant, because your lives will not be the same.
IX Suggested activity:
 Color a class drawing.
 Use now the visual of Jesus with the clean heart; make a necklace with a wool thread. If you have Jesus in your heart, place the visual around your neck.