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Class E: Our friend Jesus

Class E: Our friend Jesus

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Class E

Children’s Ministry

Mega Zoé Christian Church

Theme: Our friend Jesus


I               Objectives:


Ø For the children to learn that:

1st) Jesus is our loyal friend, who is always there.

2nd) We have been chosen to be Jesus’ friends.  It is a great privilege.

3rd) A friend would never betray another and least of all, Jesus, because Jesus is our best friend.

II           Biblical Lecture (The teacher must study to prepare the class).


Ø John 15:13-17 / Matthew 26:50



III        Verse to remember:

Ø John 15:17

IV       Class Development:

Ø What is a friend? (Let the children express themselves.)

Ø A friend is a partner, kind, like a brother. It is someone who you confide your secrets and share everything.  There is no betrayal in a true friend (nor murmur, nor abandonment, and He will never tell your secrets to anyone.)  Love between friends is unselfish, is truthful. There is nothing that worth more than a good friend. One is happy when you find a true friend.

Ø There is one true friend and that is Jesus.

Ø The more we make friends with Jesus the more we could get to the profound.

Ø And that was what the disciples did. Jesus always talked to them with a purpose, for a reason. Jesus reached people deeply inside and when He talked to someone, He always marked that person who paid attention.

Ø Jesus was teaching His disciples about what it was to be a friend.

Ø A friend loves truly; puts his life for his friends. (Jesus was about to demonstrate His great love for mankind and He would demonstrate it in the cross.)

Ø Jesus chose us today to be His friends, the same as the disciples of that time.

Ø But we will be His friends if we do what He commands us to do; if we obey Him.

Ø What Jesus offers us as a friend, will never be what we could offer Him.

Ø Now the disciples were not Jesus’ servants, they have passed to another level; Jesus was considering them His friends; because He has revealed them many secrets from heaven, from His Father.

Ø The disciples have not chosen Jesus, but Jesus has chosen each one of them.  And that’s what happened with us nowadays, He chose us to be His disciples in this time.

Ø Jesus chose us as His friends and is good for us to go to Him and overflow Him with our love, in adoration, to have space in communion with Him.

Ø It is good to go to Jesus as a friend to feel Him, to feel His passion, His breathe; to feel waters running through your whole being.

Ø Now is the time to be friends with Him, because He has offered to be our friend.

Ø The disciples did not have anything to offer Him, same as us; there is nothing for us to bring Him to heaven, only a huge desire to be His friend.

Ø Our friendship with Jesus demands from us; our duty is to Him, and we want to share with Him.

Ø A friend loves us as we are; He offers His love and friendship with purity and unselfishness.

Ø Jesus knew that many people came to Him looking for their own interest and not with true heart, but even then, He never stop loving them, even when He knew what was inside them.

Ø But we only would be His friends, if we do what He commands us to.

Ø All those who walked with Jesus, received what He has in Him, and if I am close to Him, my friend, I will receive what He has in Him.

Ø No one has greater love than Jesus, who gave His life without measure.

Ø Jesus was about to demonstrate His great love as a friend; and He was still praying at Gethsemane when Judas arrived, one of the 12 disciples.  With him was a large crowd armed with swords and clubs and they were going to arrest Him.

Ø Judas going at once to Jesus kissed him as a sign to identify Him.

Ø “Jesus replied, “Friend, do what you came for.”

Ø Jesus considered Judas a friend, but Judas was not a friend of Jesus.

Ø When we do not do as Jesus wants, we became Judas; we betray Him, we use clubs, like the ones they used to arrest Jesus.

Ø A friend doesn’t betray.  The betrayal is ugly.  Judas betrayed the Master, the Friend and he would never find any one like Him.

Ø How could we betray the One who was there when God was creating us in our mother’s womb?

Ø Judas knew every place that Jesus meet, because as a friend, Jesus revealed them the all the secrets of the Father.

Ø Judas broke his friendship with the Master and the words that Jesus used:  “Friend, do what you came for.”, hurt Judas feelings.

Ø He was so hurt for the word Friend, that he returned the money that he collected for betraying the Master; he was trying to fix what he has done. But it was too late.

Ø What he did, it was done.  He broke up with his Friend.

Ø Judas did not have any feelings for Jesus, he betrayed Him; he sold Him.  You do not sell a friend.

Ø Do you know how much Jesus loves us?  Yes, His love was so great that He gave his life for us.

Ø Jesus’ friendship fills us, our Friend tells us what to do, He commands us, and He asks from us, He gives us instructions.

Ø Let us show that we are His friends, obeying Him in everything.

Ø Jesus talked to His disciples constantly about His departure because He reveals the future to His friends.

Ø That’s why we must let the people know that we are His friends; that He chose me; I was chosen.

Ø Then if I am Jesus’ friend, I must have fruit of salvation.

Ø I must take care of my life because is a privilege to be chosen to be a friend of Jesus.

V           Suggested activity:  Color a class drawing.


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