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Study_1037 – From mental impurity to Holiness – Jeremiah 17:10; 31:33

Study_1037 – From mental impurity to Holiness – Jeremiah 17:10; 31:33

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Study 1037



TOPIC: “From Mental Impurity to Holiness”

Jeremiah 17:10; 31:33

“I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind, to reward a man according to his conduct, according to what his deeds deserve.” Much of what comes to our MIND are trials; it is up to us whether we develop it or not. The thoughts come and if you give way to them, you make them a fact. Because you let them fall into the heart, then your heart will be full of thoughts that may be false. You will develop each step in your walk according to what has reached your MIND; your heart will be predisposed to do what you please, as it received. If you give way to false thoughts, you will be imprisoned by them. There are thoughts that deceive. How can a life be composed from a windstorm? Let’s have a renewed mind!

I. It is madness to trust men, because they are not only weak, but false and deceitful.

A. In our hearts there is evil that even we do not realize lays there, nor do we suspect that it can exist within us.

1. The product of what is in the heart is that which came to the MIND, through sight, through the ears or simply came out of nowhere directly to the MIND.

2. It reaches the heart and turns it into something deceptive, more than everything else.

3. Those evil thoughts say that what is good is bad, and what is bad is good, and changes the real color or perspective of things.

4. We do not know that which comes to the MIND and from there easily goes to the heart, nor what it is capable of in A MOMENT OF TEMPTATION! David did not know this, nor Peter!

5. But, God sees all the evil that is nested in the heart!

6. There are feasts in the hidden thoughts that bring great pleasures to the heart! A great deal of impurity!

7. One has to get rid of all that!

8. Matthew 22:37 “…you shall love the Lord your God…with all your MIND…”

a. You have to love God with the totality of your being.

b. The MIND is the intellectual nature.


d. To love what is ours is very small in comparison to what He deserves, and if you divide it into two masters you can imagine what kind of love is that we give Him!

9. Romans 1:28 The reason God does this is because of their refusal to keep God in their knowledge, neither as Creator, nor as Sustainer, Liberator.

a. God gave them over to a depraved MIND (failed, of moral corruption, lacking holiness).

b. To commit a whole list of many other forms of evil.

c. In this verse there is a profound knowledge of why evolutionism (gradual change, especially of behavior, attitude, ideas) is so attractive to the natural man.

10. 1 Corinthians 2:16 “…But we have the MIND of Christ.”

a. God cannot be known by man’s wisdom or power.

b. He can only be known as far as He decides to make Himself known.

c. But, those who have the MIND of Christ can understand the profound truths of God!

d. Do you know God? Do you know He who loves you? Your Savior?

B. The problem that your MIND may have. Jeremiah 31:33

1. God says: “…I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people.”

2. It is good that you be a part of His people but, have you left your world (worldliness) for God to put His law and write it in your heart?

3. God does not offer us the land of Canaan; God offers us what we need in the spiritual, spiritual blessings: I shall give you forgiveness, peace, grace, A GOOD HEAD (MIND) AND A GOOD HEART!

4. What more could you want: clothes, house, positions…after all, this is vanity or better named, envy!

5. God wants to give us what we need in order to be saved!

6. God: He promises to arrange for them to obey Him (Vs. 33b). The same to you: I will put my law in your MIND and write it in your heart!

7. It is an intimate (relationship) communion with Him.

8. He will be their God, a God who is enough for them, and they will be His people, loyal and obedient people!

10. (Ephesians 4:23) The Ephesians learned about the Lord; it was because they were being renewed in the spirit of their MINDS!

a. A total turn in their way of thinking, a change from mental impurity to holiness!

b. The Spirit of God influences the mental process to reason from God’s perspective, not from the perspective of the unconverted. Glory to God!

c. Be careful how you see what is of God, careful that you do not see the holy as the unconverted see it; do not mix what is of God with that of the world.



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