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Study_1040 – Let us be companions (before 280) – Psalms 25:14

Study_1040 – Let us be companions (before 280) – Psalms 25:14

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Study 1040



Topic: “Let Us Be Companions”

Psalm 25:14

Study Objective: Let everyone know that communion is fellowship; in the Greek Bible, Koinonia. Those who have communion with God is because they share a common interest with their Christian brothers. Unfortunately, this is something that for many seems impossible to achieve these days. It has become somewhat acceptable and normal for people to stay out of each other’s lives, removing the possibility of having communion.

My brothers, we can only have true communion because we are washed with the blood of Christ and for that reason, we have communion with God. We cannot allow the days to pass and not have communion with the Father. The further we are from communion with God, the more life becomes a total failure. Communion is that essence of life that the mortal manages to have when he allows his heart to enter into communion with God. The more communion we want to have with God, we should know that we have to dedicate more of our heart and time to Him. It is impossible to have the mind of God if you do not have communion with Him. Because if we do not have communion with God, the day will monopolize us. When we have no communion with God our mind is not clear, therefore we do not know what God feels, because our mind is disturbed. But the man and woman who want something different yearn and intensely seek that communion with God.

We have to know that Jehovah’s intimate communion is with those who fear Him. I ask you today, how much do you fear the Lord? A lot or a little? We know the answer to that question according to what we speak and how we act. But understand that you come to church to have a communion with God. This is a big benefit. God designed it that way. And when there is fear of God in you, one knows that the Great God who wants to have fellowship with man is in the church. A result of that communion achieved is that God’s will is established here on Earth. Do you participate in this?

The man and woman who have communion with God know that they must fear Him in everything. Psalm 25:14. As we said before, what we speak lets us know whether or not there is communion with God. When we choose a friendship here on Earth, we select it exclusively to have a friendship and communion with the person. So, when God has chosen us, it is for us to have communion with Him, communion with Heaven. It is a spiritual matter, not carnal. Colossians 3:1-2 In Colossians 1:26, 27 we see that it is God who wants to reveal His mysteries and riches to us in glory. But this is only achieved by those who have communion with Him. Daniel 2:21,22

My brother, communion with God is not a burden. But it is up to us to wish to have that communion or not. When we get to say, “Enough of this vain world, enough of wasting time,” it is because we want to start having that communion with God. An example of this was our brother, Noah. He had communion with God and God revealed he should make an ark to save himself and his family from the flood that would come over the Earth. Genesis 18:17 We see that God does not hide anything from those who have communion with Him. The man who decides to have communion with God does not hide anything, and divine secrets are revealed to him.

In 1 John 1:3 we see that if we have communion with the Father and the Son, we also have communion with the church, with our brothers in the faith. So, this means that when someone doesn’t care about the church, it’s because they don’t have communion with God. 1 John 4:20,21. We must know that all that comes from God is for life and for good. Therefore, let’s look for His companionship. Because the world doesn’t want us to have that communion with God. John 15: 18, 19. In 1 John 1:6, it is clarified that if we say we have fellowship with Him, but we walk in darkness; we lie. Because he who has communion with God does not live entangled; there is not even a little darkness in him, nor does he have anything to hide. He who has no communion with the Lord cannot speak the truth. Let us love that intimate communion with the Lord and be partners with the church. He who has communion with God is free and happy, and doesn’t rejoice in another person’s demise. AMEN.


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