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Study_1041 – Courageous lives – Luke 23:49-56; 24:1-11

Study_1041 – Courageous lives – Luke 23:49-56; 24:1-11

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Study 1041



Topic: “Courageous Lives”

Luke 23:49-56; 24:1-11

The DEVOTION of these righteous women stands out in a special way. They were women who stood COURAGEOUS, at all times; as the Roman soldiers and Jews persecuted, arrested, tortured and killed the Master. COURAGEOUS means that they faced a dangerous or risky situation without being dominated by fear or anguish (uneasiness or restlessness, affliction). It is to remain intact! There is no fear of confronting things! Bold. They faced things without fearing dangerous situations. That’s how they were!

I. Luke tells us about these women who came with the Lord from Galilee (Vs. 49).

A. LOYAL WOMEN! (Vs. 55)

1. After the Master’s death, they followed Joseph of Arimathea and saw how he put the body of the Lord Jesus in the grave (Vs. 50-53).

2. They knew where the Lord was. They didn’t have to ask anyone!

3. Their eyes were looking for the One they had followed from Galilee. And in His death and burial they did not lose sight of Him.

4. (Vs. 56) They went and prepared aromatic spices and ointments to return and embalm the body of the One they loved (they would not let the Lord’s body spoil).

5. On Saturday the women rested in obedience to the commandment of the Sabbath (Vs. 54).

6. They showed their love for the Lord; love that drove them there and to do what they had to do, regardless of whether Jesus would return from the dead or not.

7. First and foremost was the love they felt for the Lord, rather than the faith in His resurrection.

8. When He would resurrect, then He would become glorified. But now, that was the job they had to do! They were special women!

B. Luke 24: 1-10 “… very early in the morning …” It was Sunday!

9. (Vs.1) Those women went to the grave. Their love made them early risers.

10. They did not arrive empty handed! They carried the aromatic spices they had prepared for Jesus’ body!

11. They had to wait that long Saturday, but they knew no limits. Their love was greater!

12. But how did they expect to enter the grave where His body was, to embalm Him? Didn’t they know that the entrance to the grave was covered by a huge stone?

13. Their love for the Lord led them to not worry about the difficulties of their actions!

14. When you walk to serve Jesus, He will make everything easier!

15. They were very clear about their goal and nobody was going to stop them!

16. What we know is that they loved Him profoundly and that love often makes people forget the difficulties of going anywhere and do what needs to be done.

17. (Vs.2) They arrived, and the stone was removed from the entrance of the tomb. God did it!

18. (Vs.3) The Lord’s body was not there!

19. (Vs.4,5,6) And there, in the midst of their worries, two angels arrived in shining garments and reassured them by telling them that Jesus lives! Their frailty was protected by their faith in the Lord!

20. (Vs 7,8) Jesus had told them in Galilee that He would die and rise again on the third day and they remembered His words. That was present in their memory.

21. (Vs.9) Returning hurriedly to the city, they went to the disciples and told them everything they had experienced.

22. If you do not hurry your pace to follow the Lord, you will never find out what He does here on earth!

23. (Vs. 10) Among these first proclaimers of the resurrection were Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Mary, the mother of James.

24. (Vs.11) Those who look down on you will have their doubts!

25. The disciples were hiding and doubting. Because of this they judged the women and deemed them as liars. But the women were not hurt because of this; they faced everything for Jesus!

26. For the disciples they were simply telling an old maiden’s tale! Something completely crazy! Incredible!

27. (Vs. 12) But perhaps Peter remembered what Jesus said in Galilee, that He would rise again.

28. And Peter personally visited the grave and saw the bandages of the shroud placed there; all alone.

29. Peter returned home in awe and trying to understand the mystery.

30. THEY WERE JOYFUL, while Peter tried to figure out what it all meant!


a. Workers

b. Giving

c. They followed Jesus from Galilee

d. They never abandoned Jesus

e. Obedient to the law

f. Agile as gazelles

g. Intrepid, they faced things head on, without any fear or doubt in dangerous situations

h. They were fearless, unlike Peter and the others. Amen.


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