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Study_1044 – Do God’s will with all your heart (before 454) – Ephesians 6:6

Study_1044 – Do God’s will with all your heart (before 454) – Ephesians 6:6

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Study 1044



TOPIC: “Do God’s Will With All Your Heart ” Ephesians 6: 6

All the goodness in us comes from God. But, if we are careless and the goodwill that comes from God is no longer in us, weeping and pain will come. Therefore, the only thing to do is to bow our heads and do the will of our loving God. The first thing to do is to obey our Lord. We cannot resist doing His will, what He wants for our life. In this path the obedient and the meek person will gain. The Bible says that the meek will inherit this land. Psalm 37:11 To do God’s will is not easy because many oppose it and this brings us much affliction, but it is better to be in peace and be blessed by Him. All those who live resisting God’s will do not live in peace even when they try to convince everyone they are; they are not capable of giving glory to God. God gives each one of us the capability to do His will. Those who don’t resist God’s will walk the land with confidence, but those who do live hiding and suffering inside a big fish just as it happened to Jonah. All men and women who walk in God’s will live in excellence. Who are we for God to have memory of us? We are His chosen. Then, let us not resist in doing His will.

We sometimes think things have to be done the way we want, but what happens is that we stop being spiritual. We have to grow to be spiritual persons and do God’s will with love and devotion in order to be successful.

We have a Master who always looks upon us, who dwells in the third heaven. The servant of God is the one who serves, we cannot deceive ourselves, it is not the one who is conceited. Mankind pleases itself. To do God’s will comes from the heart, this fulfills us, we do not expect to be pleased because we are servants. A servant is a slave and as a slave does what his master asks. We are slaves of the one who bought us with His blood. The duty of the humblest slave is to have a disposition towards his master in all that is righteous, kind, a cordial disposition and jealousy for His will that comes from the heart. We must be approved by God. He measures our cordiality (friendliness). Careful, beloved, cruelties will never have the approval of Christ and this shows that there is no jealousy for the house of God or for His will. May our speech be seasoned with salt. Colossians 4:6

We must guard and zeal God’s will in our life. When we love what God has placed in our hands, we do His will with jealousy and cordiality. We do it showing we are distinguished persons, because we love what we do with our heart, not pleasing men or our flesh. When we understand we are servants of Christ we have to demonstrate it with our heart. The blood of the pact prepares us and enables us to do God’s will. It is not because we are excellent. When we do not do God’s will, this will be reflected in the church because the church is the one who will lack and suffer; we have arrived at the church to do God’s will, equipped for good deeds. Which good deed are we to do? Let us do it without complaining and gossiping. Let us not resist God’s will, we must move and do what God has called us to do.

In Matthew 26:42 Jesus started to become sad for doing God’s will, his Father. Having everything, He left to come and die to this world. God’s good deed has been handed to us. In His will there is pain. “Gethsemane” means, the press used to extract the oil from the olives. Jesus carried affliction, humiliation, was tortured like the olives in the press. We must be placed in “Gethsemane” in order to be oil like the Master. Our flesh must be demolished and it is done when we learn to show admiration for the Lord, when we humiliate. When we understand we have done good deeds, not by our Excellency, but because we have our best example from our Master who saddened and tortured did God’s will. All our work and movements should be because we love. It is for the wellness of others and for our own. Jesus never knew sin, for that reason He was unable to assimilate that undeserved punishment. He felt our sins in His holy body and this anguished Him.

We have to say what Jesus said: “Father, if this cup cannot pass over us, may Your will be done.” Then, our flesh must be afflicted and remain disarmed. Jesus was overwhelmed. He offered Himself for our sins. He submitted to God’s will. He had to die for all our sins. That was His good deed. Let us continue to do good with Him as our guide.

John 12:27 For this we have arrived in this hour, to do His will. The problem is we don’t want to suffer, but receive applauses, which is what pleases men. The righteous decide to live in holiness, not in verbosity. The gospel is not intended to accommodate anyone or to be hiding, but to do God’s will. Our body is to glorify His name. Christ was tortured, demolished, and the name of the Lord was exalted. Verse 28. He was the offering for our sins. By the pact of His blood we can do the good deeds. We must weigh this in a righteous scale, let us be honorable and answer to God’s call in our life.

We must take seriously God’s will in our life and not live for our desires. In doing God’s will sometimes there is sacrifice and pain, but it is worthy.

Psalm 143:10 Sometimes we live escaping from God’s will, hiding, seeking our desires and plans, even our caprices and extremely bad mannered. Let us not live this way. Let us be capable of saying what David said: “Show me how to do your will, because you are my God.” Men choose for themselves. God can teach us to do His will through His word. We read in Luke 12:47 that men who know the Scriptures and do not live to do God’s will, will receive many whips. We should then have a trained heart to do His will; the creatures obey their creator, He who loves them and has so much to give them and bless them. We will do His will with all our heart, even if it costs and is hard, but we will do it willingly. Amen.


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