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Study_1045 – God, satisfaction of the soul – Psalms 63:1-11

Study_1045 – God, satisfaction of the soul – Psalms 63:1-11

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Study 1045



TOPIC: “God, Satisfaction of The Soul” Psalm 63:1-11

King David writes this psalm when he was persecuted by his son Absalom. David here shows his satisfaction with God, although, living in those moments, the king fled and was in a hurry protecting himself from those who tried to kill him. In those circumstances, his bed was hard, it was not the king’s bed from the palace with the usual comfort. He had to get up to seek God! When life gets more difficult for us, the earlier we get up to pray!

  1. (Vs. 1) “O God, you are my God!”
  2. Oh God! This is a solemn expression!
  3. “At dawn I will seek you…” The difficult engenders desire for God!
  4. How can I seek the God of another man? I seek MY GOD! Mine, whom I know!
  5. “At dawn I will seek you…” David wakes at the croak of the rooster to meet his God.
  6. It is that: “My soul is thirsty for You…” Thirst is a yearning for insatiable water, there is no way to reason with it, or forget it, or despise it, or defeat it with indifference.
  7. Thirst is noticeable; the whole man must yield to His power, “In the same way it happens with the divine desire that the grace of God creates in the regenerated man.” Carlos Spurgeon
  8. (Vs. 2) As I contemplated you in the sanctuary to see your power and your glory!
  9. Our misery is that, unlike David, today there is very little thirst for sublime things. But indeed, there is much thirst for what is vain, for what has no value.
  10. David desired to see God, nothing less than that pleased him; this shows what a fervent follower and passionate admirer he is of his God. Our desire should be to see and enjoy more and more the glory of God. Looking at the divine glory crucifies carnal desires and gives death to the “corruptions of the heart.”
  11. As he contemplated in the temple (sanctuary), so it would now be in the desert where he was.
  12. (Vs. 3) “Because your mercy is better than life…”
  13. Dwelling with God is better than the best life we can imagine!
  14. “A life of comfort in a palace, with health, honors, riches and pleasures; yes, but even a thousand lives like that are not equal to the eternal life found in the smile of JEHOVAH!” Spurgeon
  15. 8. (Vs. 4) “In your name I will raise my hands.” Hallelujah!
  16. The hands do not have to hang us inert when God attracts us in love! Hallelujah!
  17. “The NAME OF JESUS has often made a lame jump as if He were a deer and has made the sad burst into applauses of joy.” C. S.
  18. 9. (Vs. 5) As of heart (with judgment and understanding, with sense, with intelligence) and of thickness (with essence, with vigor) my soul will be satiated…”
  19. Often David found himself in circumstances like this, having nothing but the hard floor as a bed, the stones as pillows, his curtains were the rows of trees, and as a canopy (cloth forming a roof over the throne) the sky; yes, in this condition God was sweet for him!
  20. As God puts his Spirit in us our then hungry souls start a feast, because His blessed Spirit shows us the things of Christ and applies them to us. It is by this means that we are qualified to eat His flesh and drink His wine! The Spirit lets us see God on earth!
  21. And after receiving the Holy Spirit in this way, He no longer takes it from us! Glory to God!
  22. (Vs. 7) “Because you have been my help…”
  23. This is the great utility of the memory, providing us with proof of the Lord’s faithfulness and leading us forward to a growing trust in Him! The safest way to hold onto God is to consider all that He has already done, that this has been David’s method with his Lord.
  24. In this way David shows that he will wait on God in the same way, because: “You have been my help.”
  25. God helps us to know how to patiently bear the crosses that He places upon us!
  26. He participates in your sufferings. In our afflictions “He is afflicted.”
  27. He does not impose burdens on us that He himself does not help us carry and does not enable us to bear.
  28. “And so in the shadow of your wings I will rejoice.” The very shadow of God is sweet to David!
  29. (Vs. 8) “My soul clings to you…”
  30. This is the language of the “good man” in “his worst moments”; even if he loses the whole world, he will fight until he has obtained it again and will continue to take care of it with all his strength!
  31. The eagerness is not merely heaven or earth, but GOD HIMSELF!
  32. To be attached, be united with, and in a particular way “firmly united” with “strong affection.”
  33. (Vs. 9) “…they will go down to the depths of the earth.”
  34. Every blow directed at the faithful will affect the persecutor; he who strikes your life puts a nail into his own coffin!
  35. (Vs. 10) “…shall be portion (food) of the jackals.”
  36. They don’t even deserve to be eaten by lions; but of jackals (predators that eat rodents, hares, birds of the ground, reptiles, frogs and rotten insects, carrion) not the flesh of men.
  37. (V. 11) “…because the mouth of those who speak lies will be silenced.”
  38. Because the liar is a “human devil”, it is the malediction of men cursed by God, who has said in a general way: “All liars will have their share in the fiery lake of burning sulfur…” Revelation 21:8
  39. “See the difference between the mouth that praises God and the one that speaks lies; the first will never be closed, but will sing forever; the second will be closed before God’s tribunal.” – C..S. Amen.


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