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Study_1048 – In your little faith God works (Part 2) – 2 Kings 20:8-11

Study_1048 – In your little faith God works (Part 2) – 2 Kings 20:8-11

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Study 1048



TOPIC: “In your little faith God works” (Part 2)

2 Kings 20:8-11

What miracle or wonder does God have to do for you? Let us aspire to know the greatness of the One whom we say we serve. We should look closely at the faith of two men who served God. One is the prophet Isaiah, and the other is King Hezekiah. (We will also look at Joshua’s faith.) They came to know the power of a God who called them with the intention of having them believe. We cannot say that we belong to God’s battalion if we do not believe Him and know His instructions! Each one of us should see His power, strength and grace TOWARDS EVERYONE WHOM HE HAS CHOSEN!

I. (Vs. 8) Hezekiah received a sign to strengthen his faith.

A. To strengthen his faith, so that it might be stronger.

1. Hezekiah was the one who asked for a sign.

2. Hezekiah did not distrust God because he had seen the power of the Lord in his own life many times. He had seen God work wonders in the people of Israel, in addition to all the stories he had heard.

3. But now he was sick. And God used the prophet Isaiah to let Hezekiah know that He would heal him.

4. That was extraordinary news for Hezekiah! And he wanted to hear confirmation of his healing.

5. Hezekiah was not thinking about the power of his throne, his fortune, crown, nor army. He wasn’t thinking about being great. HE WAS THINKING ABOUT GOING UP TO JEHOVAH’S HOUSE ON THE THIRD DAY!

a. Well there was God! There was his reign! There were the wars fought!

b. There was his faith, beliefs and health!

6. The greatest goal of my life is to serve God!

7. As much as we get from everything on earth, one day it will end. Death will come and all that has been reached will disappear. But that will be the day we stand before the perfect, white throne!

8. We know of hell from the little we see and hear, but we know nothing about Heaven.

9. (Vs. 9,10) Of the requested sign, King Hezekiah was given a choice between the advance or the retreat of the sun. And since the latter is much more difficult, he chose this.

10. Let’s get to know God as we consider another one of His wondrous works, which happened to Joshua, and is related to King Hezekiah’s wonderful experience!

B. Joshua 10: 12,13 “… Sun, stand still at Gibeon … And the sun stood still …”

1. In the midst of a great battle, Joshua made a request to God, and the answer arrived immediately.

2. Joshua needed to win that battle so that God’s people could reach the Promised Land. Nothing and no one could prevent him from taking the people to the promise God had given them!

3. We see that the battle was extended for “ALMOST A WHOLE DAY” because the sun stopped. “The sun stopped in the midst of heaven and did not hurry to set for ABOUT A WHOLE DAY.”

4. There was a promise that God was to give the land to His people.

5. Here we see a Joshua who UNDERSTOOD THAT HE SHOULD STRIVE! Time had to be fulfilled.

6. Joshua knew that there were a people that didn’t belong to him, but were absolutely God’s. He had to fight very quickly in Gibeon, and win. He couldn’t let the enemy recover during the night and beat them.

7. In a battle like this there can be no discouragement, affliction, or sense of loss; and far from it stopping or resting. The God of the impossible will pull through!

8. There are about 500 years between the book of Joshua and Isaiah. Joshua 1,200 B.C. Isaiah 700 B.C. (before Christ).

9. But we have to add the time that the sun stopped for Joshua, and the time that it stopped for Hezekiah.

II. A few years ago NASA confirmed that according to a powerful computer, the universe was missing approximately a day.

A. The computer began to give a red warning signal that there was some error in the information it had been fed or with the results, when compared to the established norms.

1. In their data they were missing A DAY OF HISTORY!

2. And in the Bible, we find that for Joshua to win the battle, God stopped the Sun for ALMOST A FULL DAY!

3. NASA scientists were urged to consult the Bible. They took notice of Joshua’s miracle. They almost had the answer to the missing day; the Sun stopped almost a whole day (Joshua 10:13).

4. According to the scientist they still needed a few more minutes to complete the day that was missing.

5. They stated the minutes in the spatial calculations are directly related to the Earth’s orbit.

6. They searched again in the Bible to find when the Sun went down for Hezekiah. And as we read in 2 Kings 20:8-11, they noticed that for Hezekiah, the Sun’s shadow turned ten degrees back.


8. The almost full day of Joshua (which should have been about 23 hours and 20 minutes) and the sum of the 40 minutes of Hezekiah make a total of 24 hours missing in the computer!

9. The men in the Space Program had to add this missing day in the universe to history!

10. What happened to Hezekiah was a supernatural event and the news reached Babylon (2 Chronicles 32:31). The Babylonians, who worshipped celestial bodies, would have noticed any irregularities. In addition, the news spread rapidly that this great miracle had occurred because of Hezekiah.

11. The Chaldeans were very devoted to astrology (study of the position and movement of the stars using a scientific method), and since they also worshipped the sun; they came to see the favor that their god had granted Hezekiah, and thus honor he who had been honored by the sun. Their interest was surely due to the fact they worshipped the sun and the stars. God works wonders and men are amazed!

12. The fact is that when we have faith, God makes the impossible possible! God did extraordinary and wonderful miracles for Joshua and Hezekiah because they believed Him. NASA confirmed it. And you? Do you think God works in your little faith? What miracle or wonder does God have to do for you? Amen.


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