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Study_1055 – Serve the Son of God – Luke 8:1-3

Study_1055 – Serve the Son of God – Luke 8:1-3

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Study 1055



TOPIC: “Serve the Son of God” Luke 8:1-3

That Sunday morning, when she visited Jesus’ tomb, Mary Magdalene asked for, “My Lord.”(John 20:13) The angels who were there asked her: Woman, why are you crying? And she told them: “Because they have taken ‘MY LORD’ away, and I do not know where they have laid Him.” Jesus was her beloved Lord. And she wanted to serve Him, even though she believed they had taken Him away! SERVING GOD IN OUR REALITY IS WHAT SHOULD BE! The Lord is not a good luck charm so that things go well for me. I am not looking for Him to solve my problems and issues. HE IS, SO THAT I SERVE HIM! (Luke 8:3) How do you serve Him? What do you do for Him? Do you follow Him to serve Him? Mary went to His grave to anoint His body with all her passion and love. Most people do things quickly, without giving it much thought, or love. We must surrender our whole soul to do each and every one of the things we do serving the Lord!

I. Mary was one of the women who had been healed by the Lord of evil spirits and diseases (Vs. 2,3).

A. She was Mary Magdalene, from whom seven demons had emerged.

1. I do not believe that she, Mary Magdalene, is the sinful woman mentioned in Luke 7:37, nor is she the woman who was caught in adultery in John 8:3,4.

2. I believe that Mary Magdalene and the others who followed and served Jesus were freed women who loved Jesus for His greatness as God.

3. A mistake has been made in that some confuse Mary Magdalene with the sad case of a person possessed by the devil, and who consciously harbors devilish impurity. Others assume that the demons came to her as a punishment for her evil, something for which there is no biblical foundation.

4. No one can say that she was a woman of evil, it was simply the demonic influences that were upon her.

5. Her case was an unfortunate one; not a criminal one.

6. Let’s consider that among Christ’s disciples, no one had been as loving and as faithful to their beloved savior as she was!

7. There were things that tormented those people, that were common at that time; and among some women who had been healed of evil spirits, she had been one: Mary, whose name was Magdalene, from which seven demons had emerged (Vs.2).

8. When she met Jesus, she became a free woman. There were no more demons to torture her, she was totally free! Christ the Lord set her free!

9. She could say: “He took away this torment from my life, now I can live in PEACE and with joy! Well then, I have to love Him with all my strength.”

10. Thus, among Christ’s disciples no one showed as much love and faithfulness as she did!

11. There had been seven demonic dominances and influences over her. And the Lord delivered her from all of that!

12. She was free from torment; that made her happy, forgiven!

13. All the time she had Jesus in front of her she would probably say, “I love Him. I love Him. I love Him!” And that love led her to SERVE HIM!

14. Christ frees us from all torments! But if after being freed one sees the person still harboring devilish impurity, that means that the person hasn’t been truly freed.

15. Magdalene was beautifully freed!

16. She was a woman bound by Satan, and the great Jesus appeared in her life!

17. Then, it is up to her to recognize Jesus: His mercies, His love and His surrender. The Master DID EVERYTHING with great dedication and with His great love!

18. Mary Magdalene saw Him, saw Him, saw Him! From that, a passion to love Him and serve Him was born. Have you seen Him? You know whether or not you have the passion to serve Him.

19. Women like Mary Magdalene served Jesus with their assets. They were there at the foot of the Cross, and next to His tomb. They followed Him all the way from Galilee. They knew Him, and they knew His footsteps!

20. Mary Magdalene never allowed those demons to revisit her. She was constantly grateful to the Lord for her freedom and peace. Because of this she would follow Him wherever He would go!

21. Jesus is God! Do you serve Him or do you hold diabolical impurities in your life? Have you been freed by Jesus, and will you be grateful? Will you follow Him and serve Him like that woman, Mary Magdalene? Amen.


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