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Study_1056 – How many great things Jesus has done – Luke 8:26-39

Study_1056 – How many great things Jesus has done – Luke 8:26-39

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Study 1056



TOPIC: “How Many Great Things Jesus Has Done” Luke 8:26-39

How great things Jesus had done with that demonized man! He liberated him! Jesus freed the demon possessed Gerasene (Vs. 26) from a ruined life, from a life tormented by demons that possessed him, without being able to have a mind, or judgment, or freedom, or will. He freed the man who lived without healing, without laughing, without speaking with fair judgment, who was not even aware that he had a name like the others; when he answered about the name, the demons spoke by his mouth saying they were called Legion! (Vs. 30)

I. The demons are very real! Even if you think what you want to think!

A. The people of that city called Gerasene knew very well what the demons were.

1. If someone knew of the demonic influence, living it in himself, it was that tormented man!

2. But, who knows well and at perfection about demons is the Lord Jesus!

3. That man was a danger to people. The Word says that he lived in the graves (Vs. 27).

4. Jesus approaches him with tranquility and calmly, although he receives the Lord with a great shout. (Vs. 28)!

5. This was a man who had been bound by a legion of demons. They controlled his mind, his will. They had him living in the outdoors, by the graves, they had filled him with fears (far from peace and love). This caused him to be not only invaded with fear, but also to be feared by all those who approached him.

6. He had strength (physical ability) and also fierceness (he acted with cruelty, aggressiveness, bestiality, brutality, aggressiveness, savagery, inhumanity).

7. So much that, even when the people in the city put chains and shackles on him, he broke them (Vs. 29).

8. The Gerasene came to Jesus and said: “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? (Vs. 28)

9. But, he fell before Him on his knees, he fell at His feet! This implies that Jesus is very high and strong for him!

10. The demons have no inclination to render to Christ any service.

11. And the demons have a tremendous fear of His power and His wrath.

12. They cannot tell the Lord to save them, but they do tell Him not to torment them.

13. (Vs. 29) That man was “…impelled to the deserts…”) = the demons dominated him to move him there, they propelled him).

14. (Vs. 32) There is a large herd of pigs = it is a flock, a large set of pigs, “…who were grazing…” that were fed, feeding them grass, the grass of the mountain.

15. The legion of demons could not kill that man.

16. Jesus, then asks him his name and he answers: Legion! (Vs. 30)

17. It must be considered that a Roman legion in those times was composed of six thousand soldiers.

18. So, the demons were not going to destroy the man, but indeed the pigs (Vs. 33).

19. I seem to hear the shrieks and wild cries with which (Vs. 31) they begged the Lord not to throw them into the abyss, because the powers of darkness are under the command and control of our Lord Jesus Christ!

20. The Lord can send them there when He pleases (Vs. 32)! IT IS HE WHOM I SERVE!

21. Brother, when the power of the devil is broken in someone by the power of Christ, that person recovers immediately (Vs. 35). What about you? Are you free?

22. They found the man that the demons had bound, transformed, already dressed and in his sound mind. Do you know what is the greatest of all this? That the man was sitting at the feet of Jesus!

23. When one is possessed the demons manifest themselves. Before the man shouted and was frightened by the presence of Jesus and now, he was sitting and in complete peace and healing of judgment at the feet of the Lord!

24. If God has taken possession of us, good judgment and self-government will be very safe! But, if it is Satan who dominates us, he will rob us of both things, judgment and self-government. (This happens when we consent to harbor in us the devilish impurity.)


26. (Vs. 38) The man from whom the demons had gone out asked Jesus to let him be with Him.

27. (Vs. 39) And Jesus says to him: “Return home and tell how much God has done for you.”

28. And he who had been in the past possessed by demons went throughout the city publishing, HOW MUCH JESUS HAD DONE FOR HIM!

29. Don’t tell about yourself, TELL WHAT GREAT THINGS JESUS HAS DONE IN YOU! Amen.


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